Community Partners

An essential component of our success is the Youth Exploring Science (YES) program, which is a partnership with the Saint Louis Science Center. In this work-based program, fourteen year- olds participate in a four-year journey of exploring science through hands-on projects, experiments, and community-based activities.  Once these students have mastered a concept, they go into the community and teach science to elementary aged children.  The YES program has also worked to introduce young children and their families to science by supporting an annual masquerade ball in which children participate in a scavenger hunt – seeking out science based facts in return for prizes.

The Blacks in Science agenda identifies programs, which target and identify African American and disadvantaged youth who are interested in science.  This is the time when attitudes and expectations can be cultivated into aspirations.  The overall vision requires involvement from the community as well as additional support from role models and mentors to encourage bright young minds to engage in science. 

This initiative is merely a part of the overall strategy, serving as a resource for black youths interested in science and technology.  We, strive to remove obstacles preventing black youths from exploring the options and opportunities a career in science can afford them. We welcome new partnerships and innovative ideas to expand the program. Please see some of our current partners below:

Community and Civic Partners
YES Teens Program
Aldermen Joseph D. Roddy
Life Science Program at Better Family Life, Inc.
Corporate Partners
Allstate Insurance Company
St. Louis Community College
The Solae Company

Media Partners
Clear Channel Radio
St. Louis American Newspaper